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Pets are welcome on a limited basis. You must have prior written approval from us with a pet fee. We expect your pet to be well-behaved and house broken and you will be responsible for any damages as well as any additional cleaning needs. Please bring your pet's bedding as we do not allow pets on our beds or furnishings. We prefer that your pet is confined to a kennel when you are not in the cabin and kept on a leash when outside.

We got this question from a friend:

Vacationing with furry family members is wonderful but will non-pet owners be bothered by a pet friendly cabin?  We don't think so:
I am willing to dare anyone who is not a pet person  to come in after a cleaning, and be able to tell there was a pet there.  We are very particular and meticulous about cleanliness, almost obsessive.   If you notice a problem, we will correct it immediately.

Before we were  "dog people" we would have never considered a dog in the house or car!!  What a change!  I do understand the question.  The majority of  responsible pet owners (those willing to pay $155- $400 per night) are very particular and are already well trained in that responsibility.  Most pet owners travel with a pet kennel and keep the pet inside of the kennel when  the owners must leave the pets alone at the cabin. There are leash laws in our county.

Thanks for bringing that to my attention,  I remember how we would have felt -  pre-dogs.

Wake us when we get there!

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